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  • BOOK #1 - "The Lonely Little Rabbit"

  • BOOK #2 - "The Wise Elderly Owl"

  • BOOK #3 - "The Cat With Manners"

  • BOOK #4 - "The Stingy Little Squirrel"


Annie Meadows Book Collection


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PLUS to add to the 'Adventure', some people who order the series will randomly find a SILVER QUESTION CARD, rather than the usual gold question card, in the back of the newest book, "Buster The Stingy Little Squirrel"! IF you are a lucky winner, you will receive either a LIVE ANNIE IN CONCERT DVD or one of Annie Meadows CD's FREE!! *Information on how to receive your prize will be included in your order as well, IF you are one of the lucky winners!! Order now and do not delay in starting your collection today!

  • Annie Meadows is being called the modern day Beatrix Potter as she creates morally rich books for children and those who desire to remain young at heart.
  • "Annie is a memorable author! Her children's books will make you laugh and cry while teaching young and old alike timeless lessons on manners and life. I chuckle every time I think about her two naughty rat boys in The Wise Elderly Owl. Hopefully, Annie will release another in her series soon!"
    Farron Eckelkamp
  • Each book in the newly released series teaches important life lessons. Annie's objectives are to foster proper language and communication skills, as well as to encourage reading and interaction.
  • All books contain a Celtic flare, and are totally unique in their style and appearance.
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Annie Meadows is divinely inspired and is now being called the modern day Beatrix Potter as she creates morally rich books for children and those who choose to remain young at heart.

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